i really hope you all enjoyed this mini series! stay tuned for more in the future!
First look's inspiration. Aria Montgomery, Feather hair Extensions
Second Look's Inspiration. Spencer Hasting Side Braid
Emily's tutorial is based of her favorite activity "swimming"
Hanna's inspiration photo
Very simple way to put your hair up for Proms, Weddings, Dances, etc. Its so simple you wont want to ever pay to get your hair done again
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Hairstyle that Lauren Conrad wears often when she goes to work. quick, simple, and cute
Very classy look. Emma Watson always looks stunning!
Kara shows you how she scrunches her hair
I absolutely love Glee and Rachel Berry. So i decided to do a Rachel Berry Hairstyle
This is how i straighten my hair, as well as what straightener i use.
Cute headband braid. Enjoy <3
Ignore my intro of this video. i didnt end up doing four. But i thought this was definitely a unique and manageable hairstyle.