I can't believe it is already August. I know it has been awhile since i uploaded a hair tutorial. I have been SO busy with working.  I have enjoyed guarding so so much this summer, it's been awesome!  The kids are great, the work is easy, and the tan is great ( besides the funky tan-lines). So hopefully noone missed out but i hosted and amazing contest!
So that was definately awesome! I hope everyone got the chance to enter.  Then after that I went Skydiving! It was crazy amazing. The wait took extremely too long, but other than that I was glad I went and would have regretted not going.
So that has been my summer pretty much so far! I am also going to be away on a short vacation soon.  I will be going on the set of a new television show called Body of Proof starring Dana Delany which will be airing on ABC this Fall.  I am super excited to have the privilege to be able to observe what goes on on a real television set.  I will definitely update you all on the happenings of that adventure when I get back.  Til then enjoy all the videos i have posted so far and i will be making new ones soon!

XO Jenny

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