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Hopefully this will help you all learn how to french braid. My sister Kara volunteered to help me with this video, and i hope you enjoy it!
I always get requests for Demi, so i thought this was a really cute hairstyle that you could learn easily. And i just had gotten 1,000 subscribers at this point. So Cute! This is my first video as a partner!
I know i look absolutely ridiculous in this video. I guess i didnt really feel like trying haha. But this is another way that i do my hair almost all the time.
Showing you how to wear clip-in hair extensions/highlights
This video is constantly getting critiqued that it doesnt look like Amy Whinehouse. This is an INSPIRED look. i was not teaching how to make a beehive. This is a wearable look that was inspired to me by Amy
I love doing my hair like this. It's so much cuter than just throwing your hair up.
This is an easy tutorial for how to do fishtail braids
This is everyone's favorite video. I hope you enjoy it. It's really simple to do.
As far as being able to do it with bangs, different types of hair, the best advice i can give is just try!
I've gotten many comments from people saying its called different things, but i personally call this the "poof".  I wear this literally every other day. It really comes in handy for pinning your hair back, and for growing out bangs. enjoy<3