This look was inspired by one of the favorite sisters ever, Kourtney Kardashian!
I wanted to try doing this video a little differently, so i made it silent with subtitles and music.  I think everyone, including me, prefers when i explain ; ]  Enjoy
People are always asking for a Demi Lovato look.  This one is her eyes and lips from her music video Get Back
This video is great for anyone trying to spice up their eye makeup a little bit.  They are two simple ways to update your look easily.
I think everyone should know how to do a proper smokey eye that isn't too dark or over powering. Enjoy<3
Hey Guys! This is just a fun make-up tutorial for fun parties or halloween.  It's a very simple way to make cheetah eyes. Enjoy

This tutorial will go over the general progression of eyeliner for those just starting to learn.  I go over Pencil and liquid eyeliner. I will be posting a gel eyeliner tutorial very soon. Look for it!
Hey there guys. These are both the same video about how to wear basic, natural makeup.  Some people enjoy watching the video with full details, which is the first video, while others like it faster, which is the second video.

Enjoy <3